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Feeding the childrenSOFM is dedicated to serve in helping meet some of the needs of the indigenous children that are homeless and/or abandoned and left without food, shelter or the love a child deserves. Our main goal is to feed the children and nurture them through our leaders in the areas in the Philippines that we are called to by feeding them, clothing them and giving them the word of God and the hope for their future as well as attempting to provide shelter for these children.Feeding the children

At the present time, we are involved in building a school for the children in a shelter, in Pangasinan area, on the island of Luzon. With the help of God and our faithful partners, we will be able to complete this in this year of 2008. SOFM built 22 churches in the island of Mindanao in the past years.

Water babtism in prisonPlease take a few minutes and visit us here on the web, and see how you can help us accomplish our goal for these children. There are faithful committed leaders that are working in the field to help the children reach for the love of God daily. They travel many miles by foot or hired transportation means to fulfill the needs for the children and to see the children in the baranguay are not going hungry for that day. The meal they serve may be the only meal the children have for that day.

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