Top local surgeons are our eyes, ears, and hands on the ground

We approach our work with the humility to know that local doctors understand how to treat fistula and severe tears far better than we ever will.

Our Credo

We do our homework upfront

Our goal is to identify local surgical teams in Africa and Asia already successfully treating women with fistula and perineal tears—and then work to amplify their efforts.

We only invite funding requests from the very best hospitals and doctors who are trusted by the communities they serve and are working in areas with the greatest need.

These are often the world’s poorest regions. Some are in war zones that significantly challenge the ways doctors can deliver care.

Learn about where we work

How does Fistula Foundation choose its partners?

We vet potential partners through a careful review process that involves the Foundation’s Program Development staff, Board of Directors, and Grants Review Committee. We also rely on our relationships with FIGO, Direct Relief and an international network of fistula surgeons who help advise on the reputations of local doctors and the specific needs that exist in different regions.

How does the Foundation monitor the work of its partners?

Surgeons and hospitals that receive funding are required to provide quarterly progress reports detailing their project activities and costs, surgical outcomes, and any challenges encountered. Fistula Foundation releases funds once a partner’s report has been reviewed by our Medical Advisor and Program Development staff.

Local conditions and a country’s political, economic and social climate determine what’s needed to treat women with fistula and perineal tears in a specific region.

Investment areas

We listen closely to our partners and respond quickly to empower them to do more. Our grants support a combination of the following areas:

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